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Sebastian Howard has been crafting videos and documentary films for over ten years while partnering with various agencies as a producer/director for Batchfilms. He lives in Montreal (sometimes Toronto) and spends most of his off time trying to convince his 10 year old daughter that he's cool, he's in, he's down with it - to no avail.

Let’s go make a crappy video!

The 10 crucial ingredients to a useless video. Remember those days when uploading a video to the internet was something novel?  A short clip you had recorded on your gadget was suddenly playing smoothly (or not so smoothly) on the Web and it was reason to call your mother, quit everything you were doing on […]

Let's Go Make a Crappy Video - Batchfilms

4 things you should know before being interviewed on camera

Are you preparing for an upcoming camera interview?  Are you dreading it?  Have you done your homework?  Here are some tips that can help you perform like a pro. Why do we have to do this? A great majority of good corporate videos or business films will include one or many interviews with various company […]

Are you ready to be on camera